Low-tech but high impact

For SOCHAI’s Bonita Sharma, satisfaction isn’t just winning awards and earning accolades; it’s seeing new mothers wearing their Nutribeads, and girls breaking the silence around menstruation by…  

A fun way to learn!

Sheema Chapagain, a tenth grader at Vidya Sadan School, expected the Electoral Education and Information Centre (EEIC) to be a boring place.  

A BRIDGE to enhance electoral expertise

For the past decade, the BRIDGE programme successfully managed to sharpen the abilities and increase competency of the Election Commission staff in Nepal  

Woman 'bike doctor' proves there is no such thing as a man's job

Binjana Gaud, 25 runs a bike repair workshop in Sunwal in Province 5 of Nepal, is a hope for many who want to increase women's participation in gainful employment to help them unleash their full…  

Bridging trust: Birgunj youth committed to social responsibility

Youth volunteers mobilized with support from UNDP in Birgunj have proven themselves a great asset to the community by connecting service providers and seekers, exemplified by a recent campaign to help…  

In with the old

Sukhdev Sarki of Gorkha district is proof that it is important to dismiss age-old building methodsr—used under correct guidance, they can still prove viable means by which to construct a resilient…  

Recovery takes root

Distribution of composite vegetable seeds have helped locals of Sakarapur in Saptari return to farming following the 2017 floods and earn supplementary income from sales of surplus produce  

A lifeline for livestock

Animal health camps conducted to diagnose and treat ailing domestic animals in flood-affected villages in Sarlahi have allowed farmers to reclaim their sources of income as well as learn more about…  

Enhancing electoral management: Impact of the BRIDGE Programme in Nepal

An evaluation of the BRIDGE programme in Nepal has deemed it an effective professional development tool for the Election Commission, and credited it for creating a paradigm shift in training…  

Disruptive tech at your service: How youth-led innovation transformed Allo-processing in Nepal

A group of young engineers-turned-entrepreneurs, having successfully mechanized the otherwise tedious traditional ways of processing Himalayan nettle or Allo, are testament to the power of emerging…  

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