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19 November 2021

Nepal Motion Picture Association, Digital Cinema Nepal, and the UN Development Programme jointly launched one of the biggest screenings of an UN-backed global campaign film, this Friday. The Nepali version of the short feature – Don’t Choose Extinction – starring Frankie the dinosaur, will be screened in more than 100 QFX and big cinema halls, across the country, over the next two weeks. 

The film, that is part of a global ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign, was released early this month, to advocate for an end to fossil fuel subsidies and inequality. In the film, a dinosaur named Frankie, storms into the UN General Assembly Hall and delivers a powerful speech, warning humans of extinction, if no concrete actions are taken now, to reduce carbon emission.

The campaign amplifies findings from a new UN-led study, “Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform: Lessons and Opportunities,” which calls for countries to phase out subsidies that support fossil fuels. The report reveals that the world spends an astounding US$423 billion annually to subsidize fossil fuels for consumers – oil, and electricity that is generated by the burning other fossil fuels, gas, and coal. This sum is four times the amount being called for to help poor countries tackle the climate crisis. 

“We are honoured to be part of this global campaign and contribute to a noble cause of warning humanity not to choose extinction,” said Madhu Sudhan Pradhan, President of the Nepal Motion Picture Association.

“This is probably the first time we are taking a social campaign to this scale in Nepal, and I believe this will create an informed community that will take all possible actions to make the life of Nepali people more dignified in the face of impending climate disasters,” said Ashok Sharma, Executive Chairperson of Digital Cinema Nepal, the agency leading distribution of digital films in Nepal.

Neer Shah, one of Nepal’s premier film stars who voiced the Nepali version of the film, said: “I have played my roles in different cinemas, directed several of them. But for this one: what I have said in the voice of dinosaur, I mean it. This has touched my heart and I believe the message that humanity must still make a choice today is most compelling.”

“We are elated that Frankie the Dinosaur, landed in Nepal thanks to Neer Shah for impressive voice over. The message is clear, we should work together to reduce fossil fuel and don't choose extinction. The video has won huge acclaim across the world on social media platforms,” said UNDP’s Resident Representative Ayshanie Medagangoda-Labe. Frankie will arrive in all theaters and hopefully could be heard by millions of Nepalis whose future that Frankie is worried about. We are thankful to the Nepal Motion Picture Association and Digital Cinema Nepal for joining forces with us.”

Led by a cast of celebrity voices from around the world, the Don’t Choose Extinction campaign aims to raise public awareness of how fossil fuel subsidies are hindering progress on climate change, while also perpetuating inequality. For more information about the ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign go to: https://www.dontchooseextinction.com.

The production of the Nepali version of this film was made possible by the pro-bono support of Neer Shah. Its screening across the country is supported by Digital Cinema Nepal and the Nepal Motion Picture Association.


More about the report “Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform: Lessons and Opportunities”

Full report:


Download the Dino film English version: https://youtu.be/VaTgTiUhEJg

Download the Dino film Nepali version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeVi9Z_-Qck

NEPALI VERSION of the press release is here

Nepali version


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