Getting SDG-related information might have been a challenge earlier, but the newly-established SDG Resource Centre is set to change things.

Kathmandu, November 24: A people-centric approach that leaves no one behind is the major thrust of the SDGs, said Chairperson of the National Assembly, Ganesh Prasad Timalsina, who inaugurated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Resource Centre at Singha Durbar on November 24. The SDG Resource Centre has been established by the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee (SDGGC) of the National Assembly, with support from UNDP’s Parliament Support Project (PSP).

That the National Planning Commission (NPC) has constantly worked for the implementation of the SDGs was brought up by NPC member, Min Bahadur Shahi. He stated that the ongoing 15th Period Plan of the Government of Nepal incorporates the issues of the SDGs and provides a basis for peace and prosperity in the country. Shahi also revealed that the NPC has drafted a locational plan of the SDGs, which will be finalized soon.

The Resource Centre has been established to provide integrated information and data on the SDGs, said Bimala Rai Paudyal, member of the SDGGC. Paudel disclosed that SDGGC members had been facing problems while obtaining data related to the SDGs, but now with a website dedicated to the SDGs, getting authentic information would no longer be a problem.

UNDP Resident Representative, Ayshanie Medagangoda-Labe, said that nationally, provincially and locally, UNDP has been working together with parliaments, the Government of Nepal and sectoral ministries, the NPC, judiciary and civil society organizations to make the SDGs a reality.  She stated that UNDP has been recognized as an integrator function within the UN family. An integrator function means working in an integrated manner  to connect issues, themes, sectors and, most importantly, people, to address the challenges of poverty, inequality, climate change and disasters. Similarly, the Resource Centre can connect committee members, provincial assemblies and MPs on issues related to the 17 SDGs, added Medagangoda-Labe.

Views were also expressed by NA Vice-chair, Shashikala Dahal; SDGGC Chair, Tara Devi Bhatta; Pramila Kumari; and Auditor General, Tanka Mani Sharma Dangal; among others. The event was attended by MPs of different thematic committees, members of the SDGGC, UNDP representatives and journalists.     

The newly-established SDG Resource Centre is a one-stop hub for the SDGs. The centre has a variety of resources. For instance, an Information Desk contains infographics on all 17 SDG goals, along with brochures on the SDGs and fortnightly newsletters.  The Resource Centre also has a Dialogue Room that can be used to hold meetings and webinars. A touchscreen computer system too has been installed through which the SDG portal,, can be accessed.

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