Speakers and deputy speakers of federal and seven provincial assemblies discuss challenges and opportunities in implementing federalism. During a two-day meet in Chitwan, signing a seven-point document, the speakers underscored on the need for increased sharing and exchanges of ideas and experience among the federal and provincial assembilies and decided to continue dialogues among the parliamentarians on a regular basis.

Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Krishna Bahadur Mahara emphasized on the necessity of strengthening federalism. Inaugurating the meet, Mahara urged the provincial assemblies to help in framing the Acts and legislations to make the government successful. Other clauses on the declaration decide to urge the government to develop a modern facilitated assembly hall and secretariat among others.The meet was aimed at providing an open space for sharing experiences and promoting culture and collaboration for consolidating the federal system.

At the same meet, Deputy Speaker of the Province 3, Radhika Tamang said the struggle and excitement to bring federalism has been enormous.” Now, we are equally worried about how to address the delays, skeptic views, and complexities facing the implementation of it.'' she said. On this occasion, Yam Nath Sharma, Assistant Country Director of UNDP said ''The programme will be helpful towards ensuring consistent practices and coordination among the assemblies and between the Federal and Provincial level,'' he said.

Addressing the meet Chairperson of the National Assembly Ganesh Prasad Timalsina urged all the speakers not to harbor misconceptions about the federal parliament particularly about 'delays' in law making. '' In fact provinces are independent on many of the jurisdictions, and it is the duty of government to provide business to their respective assemblies.'' he added. Timalsina also stressed on the need for modern infrastructures for parliaments, ensure increased budget for them, equip secretariats with modern technologies, manage human resources for them and facilitate parliamentarians with exposure to international practices, among others.

Similarly, Vice Chairperson of the National Assembly, Shashikala Dahal said that the programme would be very instrumental in resolving the common problems felt by the assemblies. Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Shivamaya Tumbahamphe stated that the programme would mark a step further towards implementation of the federal constitution in light of the needs of the day.

The Provincial Assembly 3 organized this meet, a first-ever of its kind, with support from the Parliament Support Project of UNDP.





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