Strengthening the Capacity of the National Human Rights Commission (SCNHRC)

What is the project about

 Strengthening the Capacity of the National Human Rights Commission (SCNHRC) project strengthens the National Human Rights Commission to protect and promote human rights and fulfill Nepal's national and international human rights obligations.

Deep-rooted hierarchical power structures, discrimination, and social and economic inequality mean that human rights abuses continue to be commonplace in Nepal, particularly against women, Dalits, Janajatis, Madhesis and other marginalized communities. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) was set up in 2000 after prolonged pressure from the political parties and civil society to establish a high level independent body for protecting and promoting the human rights in Nepal. The need for such a body became particularly acute in its early years as the violent conflict escalated.

From 2002, the multi-donor funded Capacity Development of the National Human Rights Commission project, supported the commission to fulfil its mandates for the protection, promotion and full respect of the human rights enshrined in the constitution, national leigslations and international human rights instruments that Nepal is party to.

What have we accomplished so far

In 2015, UNDP helped the Commission to roll out mobile human rights clinics. This was imperative in the 14 hardest-hit districts where relief and reconstruction was most needed. To ensure the distribution of aid and reconstruction does not violate human rights, these clinics provide monitoring and offer services as grievance outlets.

Who Finances it?

Amount contributed
Finland $0.5m
SDC $0.5m
Danida $0.4m
British Embassy $0.3m
UNDP $0.1m
Total Phase 2 Budget $1.9 million

Delivery in previous fiscal year




Importance of this project towards achieving the MDGs and consolidating peace

A reduction in the number and seriousness of human rights abuses is fundamental to consolidating peace and achieving the MDGs. Fewer abuses will lead to a more democratic and equitable society where all Nepalis, regardless of caste, ethnicity and religion, can gain equal access to services and realise their full potential.

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