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A Common Framework for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Apr 17, 2017

The Common Framework on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion was developed to help build a common understanding between Development Partners (DPs) regarding gender equality and social inclusion. Nepal has achieved significant progress in addressing these issues, supported by positive national and international commitments. However, a large proportion of Nepal’s population continues to be affected by discrimination. A more coherent approach among DPs will ensure further coordinated collective support to the Government of Nepal.

The Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Working Group is one of the Working Groups under the Social Cluster of the International Development Partner Group (IDPG). The GESI Working Group believes that the development of a common understanding among GESI Working Group members and DPs, through this framework, will improve coordination and harmonization between DPs and lead to more effective support to state and non-state actors in the implementation of the “inclusion” vision embedded in the new constitution, and in delivering positive development impacts in a highly diverse Nepali society.

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