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‘When City Mayors met Digital Ecosystem Players’

Every crisis is an opportunity, the COVID-19 pandemic also provided an opportunity to the governments, development agencies and innovation and digi-tech ecosystem players to make the best out of this…  

Time to localize SDGs

Effectively implementing the SDGs and achieving desired results calls for adequate space for meaningful participation of civil society organizations says Gopal Lamsal of the NGO Federation of Nepal.  

Plastic Waste Management: Why Collaborative Efforts are Necessary?

In order to check the pulse and interest of the local governments (urban municipalities) on plastic waste management, UNDP's Accelerator Lab in Nepal conducting a research to map and visualize the…  

Gamifying cycling to create a healthier city

Can we think of turning cycling from a marginal, fringe commuting mode, or a leisurely pursuit for a few, to a cost-effective, clean, healthy mode of transport used by a large population set?  

The Kathmandu Business Hub: Incubating Public and Private Partnerships to Address Youth Unemployment

With the long-term vision of supporting the local government on generating employment and enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), UNDP Accelerator Lab Nepal has…  

Accelerator Lab Nepal turns 1! Reflecting our year-long learning journey!

The Accelerator Lab Nepal was launched on the 1st of August 2019 with an ambition to address the pressing challenges related to unplanned urbanization and youth unemployment. Today, as we turn 1 year…  

Parliamentarians learn about COVID19 myths and realities

Amid different myths and misinformation on COVID-19 creating ambiguity among people, a knowledge-building session was conducted to parliamentarians of the Karnali Provincial Assembly in a bid to clear…  

Staying true to our roots: Leveraging the existing solutions against COVID-19

Accelerator Lab Nepal has always worked on mapping and reinforcing locally sourced solutions while mobilizing dynamic partnership of actors contributing knowledge, resources and experience  

Robots for Recovery

In order to motivate and boost the confidence of health workers, UNDP supported the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) and Sagarmatha Engineering College in developing a remotely-operated robot that…  

Using Machines to Fight the Crowned Virus

This COVID crisis provides an opportunity around robots and machines to deliver critical services. We are supporting front-line medical workers who are mostly at risk during this vulnerable time by…  

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