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From farm to market: Backing farmers during the pandemic

In an effort to address this problem, UNDP, as part of its larger COVID-19 response, has been helping small farmers to connect to the supply chain of fruits and vegetables and improve their…  

Sustaining livelihoods through cooperatives during COVID-19

While the nationwide lockdown may have helped curb the spread of the coronavirus in Nepal, it spelled trouble for farmers across the country.  

Road to Recovery

A road improvement project in Melamchi is one of several short-term employment opportunities initiated by UNDP to help vulnerable communities  

In Nepal, radio serves as a lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic

At a time when people did not have access to the relevant authorities due to the restricted mobility, the radio program "Jeevan Rakshya" served as an effective communication means to put forth their…  

Videoconferencing facility eases crisis communication in Sudurpaschim

Demonstrating how technology could be leveraged to better serve during times of crisis, the Government of Sudurpaschim Province has initiated engaging with its constituent districts through…  

Low-tech but high impact

For SOCHAI’s Bonita Sharma, satisfaction isn’t just winning awards and earning accolades; it’s seeing new mothers wearing their Nutribeads, and girls breaking the silence around menstruation by…  

A fun way to learn!

Sheema Chapagain, a tenth grader at Vidya Sadan School, expected the Electoral Education and Information Centre (EEIC) to be a boring place.  

A BRIDGE to enhance electoral expertise

For the past decade, the BRIDGE programme successfully managed to sharpen the abilities and increase competency of the Election Commission staff in Nepal  

Woman 'bike doctor' proves there is no such thing as a man's job

Binjana Gaud, 25 runs a bike repair workshop in Sunwal in Province 5 of Nepal, is a hope for many who want to increase women's participation in gainful employment to help them unleash their full…  

Bridging trust: Birgunj youth committed to social responsibility

Youth volunteers mobilized with support from UNDP in Birgunj have proven themselves a great asset to the community by connecting service providers and seekers, exemplified by a recent campaign to help…  

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