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UNDP Nepal Annual Report 2020

UNDP Nepal’s annual report captures our effort in COVID response, promoting inclusive economic growth, democratic governance, green recovery and promoting gender and social inclusion.  

A Global Handbook: Parliaments as partners supporting the Women, Peace and Security Agenda (Nepali Translation)

Nepal is one of the state parties to UNSCR 1325 and 1820, both of which chart out a clear pledge and call for action to protect and provide security to women and children from the potential risks of…  

Status of Delegated Legislations in Agriculture, Energy and Telecommunication Sector in Nepal

Although parliament is the supreme body of enacting laws, it cannot make all legislations itself due to various reasons. Hence, the parliament delegates some power of enacting legislations to the…  

Guideline for Bill Review

Lawmaking is one of the core functions of the parliament for which the parliament adopts rules of procedures. As per the rules of procedures, a bill undergoes different stages including discussion on…  

Guideline for Parliamentary Oversight from the perspective of inclusion of Gender and Marginalized Groups/Community

Oversight is one of the core functions of the parliament. The parliament, especially through the MPs and the Parliamentary Committees, oversees the effectiveness of the existing policies and laws,…  

Parliamentary Oversight on Implementation of SDGs: A Handbook with Checklist

This handbook by name suggests that it is a guiding document for MPs to oversee the implementation of SDGs. For doing so, the book provides a set of thematically divided checklist to scrutinize the…  

Status of implementation of the Government Assurance in Nepal (Fiscal Year 2019/20)

The publication is a study based report which basically focuses on implementation status of the assurances made by the Prime Minister and Ministers of the Government of Nepal in regards to the…  

Electoral Dispute Resolution Standard Operating Procedure, ECN 2019

The Standard Operating Procedure serves to provide a standard way of dealing with electoral disputes in Nepal. It serves as a reference on electoral dispute resolution and electoral justice in Nepal.  

Set of 18 civic and voter education booklets for community-level education, ECN 2019

These resource books are targeted at enhancing civic and voter education outreach endeavours at the grassroots. These books seek to provide extensive and continuous civic education to ensure that all…  

Gender and Inclusion Strategy 2015-2020, ECN 2015

This policy reasserts the Election Commission’s commitment to electoral justice, to enhance and ensure fairness and transparency their work by promoting gender inclusion.  

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