Accelerator Lab Nepal turns 1! Reflecting our year-long learning journey!

The Accelerator Lab Nepal was launched on the 1st of August 2019 with an ambition to address the pressing challenges related to unplanned urbanization and youth unemployment. Today, as we turn 1 year…  

Agriculture ambulance: Aiding farmers during the crisis

When the COVID-19 lockdown suddenly restricted movement across the country, it was the farmers who suffered the most. Their produce, especially fruits and vegetables, started rotting on the farm. They…  

Staying true to our roots: Leveraging the existing solutions against COVID-19

Accelerator Lab Nepal has always worked on mapping and reinforcing locally sourced solutions while mobilizing dynamic partnership of actors contributing knowledge, resources and experience  

Advancing Access to Justice during COVID 19

This is a time to think differently to introduce measures and means to continue court and legal operations for the needy and vulnerable even during and post COVID.  

Social cohesion in the context of COVID-19 in Nepal

It is important to mainstream social cohesion and conflict sensitivity across humanitarian response plans and strengthening humanitarian, development and peace nexus.  

Using Machines to Fight the Crowned Virus

This COVID crisis provides an opportunity around robots and machines to deliver critical services. We are supporting front-line medical workers who are mostly at risk during this vulnerable time by…  

Elections in the post COVID era

With this pandemic, new ways of coping and emerging from them are in sight. This holds true even for elections. It is therefore up to us to leverage these and use them as opportunities to adapt to…  

From policy paradox to post-COVID resilience

It is equally imperative for Nepal, with its aspirations for equality and prosperity, to premeditate a post-COVID economy and to lay the foundations for sustainable resilience in early-recovery…  

Facing an Invisible Enemy: Supporting Waste Workers during COVID-19

Accelerator Lab in Nepal have been closely monitoring the events surrounding vulnerable population, which includes daily wage earners .  

V4ActionNepal: Harnessing the Power of Youth

Youth volunteers have been playing an important role in curbing misinformation about the coronavirus.  

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