A better interface between parliament and human rights watchdogs

The Government of Nepal has pledged to protect and promote human rights. The fact that the Constitution of Nepal 2015 recognizes 31 human rights as fundamental rights is an indication of such a…  

Gearing up for the Global Goals

There is a huge financing gap, which stands at 55%. The Government will have to make an extra effort to bridge this financing gap.  

Access to clean and affordable energy gives a new lease of life to Santhal community

At least after my recent visit to one of Nepal’s most underprivileged communities, I feel that development is about “leaving no one behind”.  

A tale of two neighbors: Choices for resilient and affordable homes

A tale of two neighbors: How informed choices in construction technology can help communities become resilient to future disasters and poverty  

Cooperative Collection raises hopes for smallholders

Resham Lal Shrestha, a farmer from Dhunibesi of Dhading district is utterly dissatisfied with the prices he is being paid for his vegetables. “We are compelled to sell our tomato at Rs. 30 per kg,…  

How local governments can harness the power of cooperatives

Spread across all 753 local governments and organized by over 6.3 million people, Nepal’s cooperatives hold immense potential to drive the local economy, promote inclusive and environment-friendly…  

For real prosperity, Nepal needs to make a business case for human rights

After a long drawn-out transition that involved consolidating peace and drafting a new constitution, Nepal finally stands ready to follow a more stable development pathway – one that supports…  

Why post-disaster recovery needs to be disability-inclusive

Visually-challenged Khil Bahadur from Sindhupalchowk is living in much safer conditions after the earthquake destroyed his home,  

Technology for improved local governance

E-governance Specialist at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Nagesh Badu on the achievements made in e-governance in Nepal, plans for application in the federal context, and the…  

The Constitution of Nepal: A barrier for transitional justice

Researcher Manoj Kumar Yadav delves into the various challenges in the administration and execution of transitional justice in Nepal  

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