Championing resilience: Awas Nirmaan Saathis

At a time when many homeowners across the country are yet to undertake reconstruction of houses ravaged by the 2015 earthquake, Awas Nirmaan Saathis (are emerging as much-needed catalysts on the path…  

Taking matters into his own hands

Homeowner Oman Singh Thapa of Gorkha has decided to make use of his own skills as a craftsman and material salvaged from his earthquake-damaged house in rebuilding anew  

A safe place: Innovative technology paves way for resilient housing in Gorkha

Though initially confused about how to proceed with rebuilding his earthquake-damaged home in Gorkha, help from municipal engineers and Awas Nirman Saathis has given Chetra Bahadru Rana renewed hope…  

Helping expedite reconstruction in Gorkha

Free architectural drawing preparation camps and building permit studios set up in Gorkha by UNDP with funding from the Government of India are aiding quake-affected locals acquire building permits…  

Willed into reality

Samina Hussain’s long-standing political ambitions have finally borne fruit with her nomination to the House of Representatives in the recent elections  

Climate-smart agriculture for resilience in Dolakha

Training in climate-smart agricultural practices has helped struggling vegetable farmers in Dolakha produce better yields for profit  

Kholikhim Bazaar rests easier with flood-control structures installed with Swedish assistance

River-control and bio-engineering interventions in Dolakha's Kholikhim Bazaar have helped reduce flood risks in the area, much to the relief of locals  

Can't keep her down

Even when everything she built and owned was swept away in the 2017 floods, Tara Devi is determined to keep moving on, and credits the recovery package recently received from the Chinese government…  

Power to the people: Breakthrough in micro-hydro prospects

The recent interconnection of the 23kW Syaurebhumi micro-hydro plant to the national grid has raised hopes for the sustainability of small scale hydropower projects in Nepal and the speed of the…  

Breaking age-old barriers

Running a successful enterprise has not only given Muna Odh a lifeline out of poverty, but also hardened her resolve to help others from the Dalit community break free of the rigid hold of the caste…  

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