Recovery takes root

Distribution of composite vegetable seeds have helped locals of Sakarapur in Saptari return to farming following the 2017 floods and earn supplementary income from sales of surplus produce  

A lifeline for livestock

Animal health camps conducted to diagnose and treat ailing domestic animals in flood-affected villages in Sarlahi have allowed farmers to reclaim their sources of income as well as learn more about…  

Enhancing electoral management: Impact of the BRIDGE Programme in Nepal

An evaluation of the BRIDGE programme in Nepal has deemed it an effective professional development tool for the Election Commission, and credited it for creating a paradigm shift in training…  

Disruptive tech at your service: How youth-led innovation transformed Allo-processing in Nepal

A group of young engineers-turned-entrepreneurs, having successfully mechanized the otherwise tedious traditional ways of processing Himalayan nettle or Allo, are testament to the power of emerging…  

Strength in collaboration

A collaborative model developed by UNDP as part of its post-flood recovery efforts in the Tarai proves an example of how development partners and government agencies should work in close coordination…  

Championing resilience: Awas Nirmaan Saathis

At a time when many homeowners across the country are yet to undertake reconstruction of houses ravaged by the 2015 earthquake, Awas Nirmaan Saathis (are emerging as much-needed catalysts on the path…  

Taking matters into his own hands

Homeowner Oman Singh Thapa of Gorkha has decided to make use of his own skills as a craftsman and material salvaged from his earthquake-damaged house in rebuilding anew  

A safe place: Innovative technology paves way for resilient housing in Gorkha

Though initially confused about how to proceed with rebuilding his earthquake-damaged home in Gorkha, help from municipal engineers and Awas Nirman Saathis has given Chetra Bahadru Rana renewed hope…  

Helping expedite reconstruction in Gorkha

Free architectural drawing preparation camps and building permit studios set up in Gorkha by UNDP with funding from the Government of India are aiding quake-affected locals acquire building permits…  

Willed into reality

Samina Hussain’s long-standing political ambitions have finally borne fruit with her nomination to the House of Representatives in the recent elections  

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