Yeti Airlines launches new SDG buses in partnership with UN

May 26, 2017

Yeti Airlines in partnership with the United Nations in Nepal launched on Thursday a campaign to raise public awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of the campaign, the airline released two of its new airport shuttle buses branded with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their logos. The buses, together with flyers and leaflets on the SDGs, are expected to inform and make passengers aware about the goals and the action they can take to help achieve the SDGs while they travel between the airport terminal and the aircrafts.    

“This marks the begining of our partnership with the United Nations in Nepal for the global cause,” said Yeti Airlines CEO Umesh Chandra Rai unveiling the SDG-branded buses at the domestic section of the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. “We will soon announce other initiatives aimed at promoting the SDGs in Nepal. Through this partnership, we hope to inspire and mobilize many other private sector companies to join hands in making the SDGs a reality in Nepal.”

The SDGs, adopted by the UN Member States, including Nepal, in September 2015, are a universal agreement to end poverty in all its dimensions and craft an equal, just and secure world – for the people, the planet and prosperity – by 2030. The SDGs recognize the private sector as one of the key partners in their achievement. The private sector has significant potential to bring in resources, technology and innovation to aid and accelerate the SDG implementation.

“The United Nations in Nepal is pleased to see our new partner for SDGs, Yeti Airlines, coming up with an innovative and powerful way of raising awareness on the SDGs,” said UNDP Country Director Renaud Meyer. “Such initiative will go a long way in familiarizing the public about the SDGs as well as demonstrating a great example for wider collaboration and partnership for the SDGs.”

The SDGs are very ambitious and their achievement will require everyone’s commitment and support. “I am sure Yeti’s initiative will inspire many other from the private sector to join hands for similar partnership for SDGs,” said Meyer. “In fact, it is important that businesses align themselves and their operations to make these compliant to the spirit of the SDGs. There is increasing pressure from consumers for businesses to go green, respect human rights, promote energy efficiency and adhere to universal standards and values enshrined in the SDGs. The United Nations in Nepal is keen to engage with a wide range of stakeholders to secure a better future for the people of this country.” 

Earlier in May, UN Nepal and Yeti Airlines entered a partnership for the promotion and achievement of the SDGs in Nepal. Under this partnership, besides the initiatives to raise awareness on SDGs, the UN and Yeti Airlines will collaborate to explore, adopt and promote innovative and sustainable business models in the aviation and tourism industry that would help Nepal meet some specific SDG indicators in the areas of climate change adaptation, poverty reduction and gender equality.

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