UNDP, Western Regional Hospital sign cost sharing agreement

Mar 29, 2011


29 March, Pokhara- The Western Regional Hospital (WRH) in Pokhara and UNDP have launched a comprehensive initiative to modernize the hospital waste management by establishing a Hospital Waste Management project through the Public Private Partnership for Urban Environment (PPPUE) programme. UNDP will be supporting 50% of the total project cost for the establishment of the facility while the remaining 50% budget will be invested by the WRH Pokhara. The project launch programme was chaired by Mr. Ashok Prasad Chaurasiya, Deputy Chairperson, Hospital Management Board, Western Regional Hospital and inaugurated by the Chief District Officer of Kaski District, Mr. Shambhu Prasad Koirala and Mr. Jorn Sorensen, Deputy County Director, UNDP.

In Nepal, a great majority of hospital wastes end up in Municipal dumps with no sterilization treatment. These wastes not only pose direct threat to human by contaminating the air and the ground water but also run the risk of transmitting diseases such as Hepatitis B and C. This project will be a concrete step towards instituting important systematic changes which will further safeguard the health of staff, patients and community members.

The Western Regional Hospital and PPPUE have worked for over a year with the committee of representatives from regional health care providers and Pokhara Municipality for establishing this waste management project capable of receiving and safely processing wastes from the Western Regional Hospital. This Pilot waste management project will not simply involve the installation of safe, appropriate and efficient waste processing equipment but also involves a comprehensive institutional training strategy for staff health care and waste management professionals so that they are able to address all levels of hazardous waste handling and transportation. 

On behalf of UNDP, the Deputy Country Director for Programmes Mr. Jorn Sorensen stated, "Through this innovative joint venture, we are ensuring health safety of the communities we serve and protecting the environment against unsupervised handling of hazardous waste."
Dr. Buddhi Bahadur Thapa, Medical Superintendent, on behalf of the Western Regional Hospital in Pokhara stated, "This project represents a pioneering partnership between Western Regional Hospital and UNDP, a new concept initiated for the first time in Nepal." Mr. Shambhu Prasad Koirala, CDO of Kaski District, also confirmed the support and assistance of the District Office, which will coordinate the support of line agencies in hospital waste management. 

This project will also act as a first step toward the establishment of a Common Treatment Facility (CTF) equipped to handle wastes from a variety of health care providers in the region. Once established as a sustainable enterprise, this facility will be handed over to a private operator within the community to be run on a profit basis. Over 80 such similar private waste treatment centers are currently operating successfully in Delhi, India. Purusottam Man Shrestha, National Project Manager, PPPUE was quoted saying that the "scientific management of the hospital waste is today's urgent need. This initiation will support to develop CTF which is our final destination.This initiative in Pokhara will hopefully serve as a model to be replicated across all regions in Nepal".

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