Government of Nepal and UNDP sign US$ 1.9 million Rural Energy Project

Sep 24, 2007

24 September, 2007 Kathmandu- The Government of Nepal and UNDP signed a 12.5 crores (US$ 1.9 million) rural energy project (phase III) for a period of three years (2007-2010). Both UNDP and World Bank are continuing their support in this phase III-Rural Energy Development Programme. While UNDP is contributing US$ 1.9 million for the project, the World Bank parallel funding of US$ 3.8 million for the project goes to the communities through Alternative Energy Promotion Centre' the executing agency for the project.

This rural energy project is a new model based on the lessons learnt and best practices of Rural Energy Development Programme phase II (April 2002- June2007). The first phase began in 1996.

The project aims to contribute to building local capacity for sustainable, community managed, and equitable rural energy service delivery to the people for poverty alleviation, livelihood promotion and environmental protection.

Over a two and half year period from 2007-2009, the project will deliver 1.7 mega watt of community manged micro- hydropower, 2,200 toilet-connected biogas plants, 9,000 improved cook stoves and 550 solar home systems to 20,000 households in 40 districts of Nepal through a community development model and integrated rural energy planning.

In the meantime, UNDP has built a partnership with the Himal Power Limited (HPL), a private company, including assistance from Norwegian Government recently with a project entitled 'Khimti Neighbourhood Development Project (KiND)' which will also come under the overall management of this project.

Contact informationFor further information please contact: Tek Gurung, Programme Officer (+977-1-5523200 ext: 1013) or Sangita Khadka, Development Communications Officer (+977-1 5523200 ext: 1077)

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