Preparing the ground: PREPARE's contributions

Dec 6, 2017

How comprehensive preparatory support to Nepal’s move to federalism is ensuring a smooth transition

The Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007 had clearly enshrined a federal system that was to be fleshed out by the new Constitution. But as experience from elsewhere showed, phasing in a federal system is easier said than done. In anticipation of the complexities of such a transition, UNDP supported the Government of Nepal to begin the preparatory work through its Project to Prepare the Public Administration for State Reforms (PREPARE).

In 2015, PREPARE completed functional analyses of nine key thematic ministries to examine the nature of services provided by the unitary government and recommend options to unbundle these services into the three tiers of Government. Studies commissioned by PREPARE documented both the number and nature of services to be delivered by each tier.

According to the consolidated functional analyses report prepared by several experts, GoN presently provides a total of 1,796 different services to citizens.  But under the federal system, local governments will be responsible for delivering 357 services, provincial governments 566 and the central government 873 services.

This analysis generated from several studies has provided the critical knowledge base for the drafting of dozens of laws relating to the implementation of federalism. Former Vice Chair of the National Planning Commission Shankar Sharma consolidated the final functional analyses report.

“We had a considerable knowledge gap,” says Joint Secretary at the Ministry of General Administration (MoGA), Prakash Dahal. “PREPARE as a think-tank project has bridged that gap.”

PREPARE also helped put together a substantive report on managing the transition—which subsequently informed the official transition management plan put together by the Chief Secretary—designed to avoid disruption of services during this period.

Over 36 substantive reports covering different aspects of administration are informing deliberations and decisions of official bodies tasked to restructure the administration, including the one led by the Prime Minister and another led by the Chief Secretary.

“What we have done under the guidance of MoGA is to look at all aspects of administration and generated options for the government leadership to hold informed deliberations,” says National Project Manager Sangram Singh Lama.

Federalism entails shared and self-rule among the different tiers of the Government. This means that all existing institutional arrangements will have to be adjusted to the new reality, including government training institutes. PREPARE reviewed over 80 such institutes and has recommend several options to make them fit for purpose in a federal system.

 “It is important to remember that these recommendations bring together inputs of key Nepali government officials and are not necessarily views of the external experts,” says Lama.


· UNDP’s PREPARE project has put together over 36 studies analyzing all aspects of federalism

· GoN provides a total of 1,796 services

· 873 services by the federal government

· 566 services by provincial governments

· 357 services by local governments

·  88 government training institutes need to be restructured to make them fit for purpose

Many laws related to federalism have been informed by reports and analyses put together by PREPARE, including the local governance act, federal civil service act, provincial civil service act and local civil service act; Civil Service Adjustment Act; act related to affairs of the three tiers of the Government; inter-governmental fiscal act; act related to natural resources

·  Seven provinces; 753 local governments;

·  Nepal’s Constitution provides extensive powers to local governments

·  Each province will have seven ministries, resulting in a total of 49 ministries in all the seven provinces; the federal government will have 15 ministries

·   A total of 49 secretaries in the provinces and seven chief secretaries at the provincial level

List of study/analyses supported by PREPARE


1. Report on Re-organizing of Public Training Institutions in Nepal - 2017

2. Inter-Governmental Fiscal Design in the Context of the Federal Constitution of Nepal, 2016 -17

3. Designing the National Policy and Strategy for Civil Service , 2017

4. Report of  compilation and consolidation of decisions/ verdicts of the Supreme Court on administrative matters and issues, 2017

5. Support to prepare Gender and Social Inclusion Friendly Workplace (for Civil Service) Policy, 2016 /17

6. Assessment of Institutional Development Needs and Preparation of Strategic Plan of PSC, 2016

7. Report on organizational arrangement in federal context, 2016 

8. Competency-based assessment Centre Methodology for Public Service Commission for candidate selection, 2016

9. Study of review on past reports on administrative restructuring and reforms ,  2016

10. Human Resource Development Plan for Civil Service, 2015

11 .Management audit effectiveness , 2015

12. Review of Implementation Status of Inclusive Recruitment Policy, 2015

13. Functional Analysis and Assignment : covering 11 sectors:  Education, Agriculture, Education, Health, Transport Infrastructure and Drinking Water ,  Peace and Security ,  Land Management , energy and industry &  tourism  2015-16, Cross-cutting theme: Decentralization, Social Inclusion

14. Transition Management plan for federalizing public administration in Nepal, 2015

15. Institutional arrangement of different tiers of government in federal context (focusing on central and provincial levels in selected four main sectors) , 2015

16. Developed training manuals on financial , procurement , land related issues for CIAA and conduction of training to improve capacity of its investigation officer , 2015

17. Performance Contract Guidelines, 2015

18. Inclusion in Civil Service: Issue and Initiatives, 2014

19. Functional Analysis and institutional capacity assessment of Ministry of General Administration, 2014

20. The Nepal Civil Service and Re-structuring of the State (Options paper), 2014

21. Background Paper: Legal and Policy Outline for Civil Service in Federal Context, 2014

22. Strategic planning of CIAA prepared, 2014

23. Reviewed policy and legal environment for anti - corruption drives in Nepal, 2014

24.  Functional analysis and institutional capacity assessment of Ministry of     General Administration,  2014

25. Analysis of personnel Information Management System of MOGA + Need Assessment of PIS, 2014

26. Inclusion in Civil Service: Issues and Initiatives, 2014 

27. Affirmative Action Promotion at Workplace: Training Module and Manual , 2014

28. Review of Implementation Status of Inclusive Recruitment Policy, Public Administration Dept . TU , 2013

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