Fighting against GBV through art and music

Nov 28, 2013

"Creative approaches such as theatre play, art and music are the most effective medium to bring positive social change." - Binita Baral, a popular actress

Bidhata KC, 32, a contemporary female artist and an art educator, created a piece of art that visualizes the innermost feelings of a girl, her struggle and difficulties when she has to brave different forms of discrimination, violence, mistrust and abuse blocking her path to pursue her goal. KC has used a dry leaf to symbolise a woman going through various stages of struggles within her family and society.

"A girl child since her birth is brain washed in such a way that she is unable to raise her voice for her own rights and live a life of dignity and respect throughout her lifetime," KC said. "It is never easy for us to achieve what we want. But what matters is you continue your struggle with optimism to appear victorious one final day."

KC was among the 30 senior artists who participated during a live painting event organised by UNDP to mark the 16-days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence on November 28, 2013 at Basantapur Durbar Square, where various artists, singers and musicians participated. The public event brought together two young bands and popular singers, who expressed solidarity with the campaign against GBV.

Girish Pranil, lead singer of Prayaas Band, who performed during the programme, is one of them. He believes in the power of music and its use in social cause. "There are very few people who don’t like music and listen songs, so through music and song I tried to spread the message on the importance of respecting women and treating them equally," said Pranil.

Ciney Gurung, a famous female singer known also for her campaigns on women’s rights issues, generated a new vibe among the audience as she sang and gave out messages on GBV prevention. "Every woman is facing one or another kind of violence but a very few are raising their voices against these problems. And through the songs I sing, I try to bring out those anger and frustrations of every woman and spread the message of preventing violence to the public," she said.

Binita Baral, a popular young actress and theatre artist, believes that the creative approaches such as theatre works, art and music are the most effective medium to bring positive social change by raising awareness on various social issues.  "As a young artist I feel the responsibility of disseminating the information through my acts and aware the public on various ill practices existing in our society."

In a play directed by One World Theatre, Baral portrayed an educated young Nepali bride who gets married to a US-based Nepalese family and goes through a series of domestic violence and abuse, including physical and mental tortures, from her husband and in-laws.

The public event brought together over 1000 people, including young boys and girls, men and women, school students, and prominent artists.

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