Second opportunity for citizens to register as eligible voters.......

May 7, 2012

Second opportunity for citizens to register as eligible voters.

After completing the first round of nationwide voter registration process, the  Election Commission of Nepal (ECN)  is currently displaying the preliminary list of voters in 75  districts, Village Development Committees (VDCs) and ward offices for ‘claims and objections’.


This is an opportunity for voters to verify their information, get it corrected and also report any objection to the list.  The displayed preliminary list contains information of all the people who were deemed eligible voters during the earlier registration process.


In parallel to the display process, the ECN is also deploying mobile registration teams for 2-5 days each in all VDCs and ward offices to register citizens 16 years and above who have missed out on the registration process earlier, who have not been previously registered due to under-age factor or due to being out of station. 


The adoption of this modern registration process and development of a voter list database with photograph and fingerprints supports clear identification of voters on the election-day, deterrence of false voting, ability to detect and remove duplicate registrations and locate internal migration of voters between locations.


Shambhu Prasad Chalise, the District Election Officer in Kathmandu says, “Comparing  the size of population in Kathmandu, there are many who have missed the registration process and this is a very good opportunity to register again. The registration process is going on very well and we have got all the required logistics to make the work easy.”


Initiated in mid-April 2012, the ‘claims and objection’ process will continue till May end. The ECN aims to have the updated final list of voters by July 2012. In order to register missed voters, the ECN will  continue the ‘voter registration’ and ‘out of district registration’ process that are ongoing in all the 75 District Election Offices.


The Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) commenced  the nationwide voter registration process for the first time in Nepal in September 2010 with the support of UNDP Election Support Project (ESP)and a number of donors like DFID, Norway and Denmark.

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