Kirtipur masons trained on earthquake resilient building

Mar 30, 2012

Thirty two masons from the Kirtipur municipality were trained in earthquake resilient technology in building construction from March 26 to 30, 2012. The training was led by the Kirtipur municipality and supported by UNDP Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP) with technical service from National Society for Earthquake Technology/ Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (NSET/ADPC). The majority of participants were practicing masons around the Kirtipur Municipality for quite some time. out of thirty two participants, four were women and rest were from indigenous caste/community of the area.

The main objective of the training was to provide practicing masons the knowledge and awareness of earthquake resistant building construction technology and to equip them with the skills and confidence needed to construct earthquake resistant buildings.

The initial response from the masons of Kirtipur when the municipality announced this training was overwhelming. With a course capacity of 32 participants, nearly 70 masons registered for the training. This highlights the enthusiasm, for training in the crucial area of earthquake resilient construction.

During the course, the masons received training in earthquake awareness, common mistakes in construction practices, quality control in construction, retrofitting options, techniques in load bearing construction and RCC framed structures and the use of Rat-Trap bond and frameless doors/windows. The course also advocated the important role of masons in the implementation of the Nepal Building Code.

More than half of the training was dedicated to practical applications, where the masons were placed in a real construction environment. In these practical sessions, masons were required to construct actual-size rooms including brick work and steel reinforcement work using earthquake safe practices.

Masons are the key actors who translate designs into reality, especially in Nepal where more than 90% of buildings are non-engineered and masons serve as the ‘best technical hand’ available for construction. Proper building code implementation relies on a base of aware and properly trained masons in earthquake resistant construction. There will be a total of seven training events for the masons in the valley this year and each of the valley municipality will lead the event with support from UNDP/CDRMP. The selection of the masons will be done in an inclusive manner so that more representation from women masons can be encouraged.

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