Planning for Early Recovery

Jun 10, 2011

UNDP is global early recovery lead agency within the international system. In high disaster risk countries like Nepal UNDP needs a plan outlining how it will both support coordination and programming that will help the government and the community to rebuild the victims’ lives and livelihoods in the wake of a medium to large scale disaster.  Realising this need, the Disaster Risk Management unit organized an Early Recovery (ER) training workshop on 10th June for the UNDP programme and operations staff from each units. 19 participants took part in the workshop.

The workshop gave a good overview on ER activities and shared lessons learned from Nepal and overseas. There was a simulation exercise on earthquake and flood scenarios and the participants discussed how each of their programme areas related to early recovery and identified some programmatic early recovery entry points. They discussed how their existing or prospective resources and networks can be mobilised to support early recovery efforts. With inputs from Human Resources and Operations colleagues, the participants prepared a draft early recovery intervention plan for their respective units. The presentation on UNDP Fast-Track Procedures provided great insights on the business processes during emergency situations including changes in procurement, recruitment and approval processes.

Next steps to strengthen Early Recovery preparedness were also identified by the participants. The programme colleagues are to discuss the draft ER intervention plan with respective unit colleagues and finalise it with support from DRM, HR and Operations units. Then, the thematic unit heads will present it to the country director by the first week of July. Different plans will be consolidated and a 2-hour validation workshop will be held. . At the same time, the programme units will prepare the TORs based on their ER plans and coordinate with the operations and HR units for prequalification of vendors and consultants roster. The DRM unit will organise the SURGE and PDNA trainings to enhance the capacity of UNDP operations and human resources staffs for immediate crisis response processes and mechanisms. The DRM unit also plans a simulation exercise to test the UNDP country office Early Recovery plan by January 2012.

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