Drinking water tap changes lives of the rural poor

May 7, 2010

The construction of the Utisedi drinking water scheme has brought a big relief to the residents of Tamakot in Kalidanda village of Achham district, a remote settlement, 44 kilometers away from the district headquarters Mangalsen. Due to the availability of the water tap nearby, the villagers are able to keep themselves clean and healthy. There are less chances of suffering from water-borne diseases and the number of people suffering every year from diarrhea has greatly reduced. With the availability of water at accessible distance, people now have also constructed toilets in their houses and sanitation has improved immensely - "all thanks to the support of UNDP Quick Impact for Peace Support Initiative (QIPSI) Programme" say the villagers.

The project was prioritized, planned and formulated by the members of the community themselves. The total cost was estimated by the Local Development Fund Board (LDFB) to be Rs. 301,408 out of which QIPSI grant was Rs. 237,112.00 and community contribution Rs. 64,296.00. A contractual agreement was made between the LDFB and the Users Group and the project was completed in stipulated time. The community monitored and were part of every decision making process. 

Out of a total of 61 households, 23 are dalits (previously categorized as low caste and untouchable). The tap is now shared by all castes and there is no discrimination in the use of water. The time saved in fetching water is spent on other domestic chores and children are able to go to school on time. The difficult days are gone, especially for women !

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