Consultations for the next APHDR on Climate Change kicks off

May 7, 2010

The South Asia consultation on the next Asia Pacific Human Development Report (APHDR) on Climate Change took place in Kathmandu from 29-30 April. About 35 participants from nine different countries participated in this workshop. The participants were representatives of governments, intergovernmental organisations, UN agencies, civil society, academia, think tanks and media institutions based in the respective sub-region.

This report will be the fourth in a regular series, led by the Human Development Report unit, housed at the UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo. The main purpose of the consultation was twofold: one part was to introduce the South Asian stakeholders to the Asia-Pacific HDR history, concept, process and the proposed approach for the next APHDR. The second part was to identify South Asian perspective(s) and priorities on climate change and human development to advance the discussions on the report, taking into account the suggestions received from other consultations held in the region. 

The 2010 APHDR on Climate Change seeks to bring a unique perspective to this theme by providing new and innovative Asia-Pacific thinking on key ingredients for a more sustainable pathway.

The APHDR will seek to identify policy levers that can be used to begin to encourage a broad scale shift in mindset - towards a new development paradigm for Asia-Pacific by looking at a number of distinct groups of people across the region already being affected by climate change, but who also have high aspirations and are 'on the move' socio-economically.

The consultation workshop was concluded by Mr. Ajay Chhibber, UN Assistant Secretary General, Assistant UNDP Administrator and Regional Director for Asia and Pacific.

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