Communication for empowerment

Mar 4, 2010


The Regional Initiative (Regional Centre Bangkok) conducted a pilot assessment on 'Communication for Empowerment (C4E) of Indigenous Peoples in Nepal'.

The intended outcome of this information and communication assessment was to identify key challenges and opportunities for interventions to empower the Indigenous Peoples through better access to information and skills to engage with the media. 

By using the existing communication facilities, they can exercise their voices and participate more inclusively and meaningfully in the decision-making and development processes affecting them. 

Under this initiative, a C4E study and 'needs assessment' was conducted in 3 districts - Kailali, Rasuwa and Tehrathum. This study has identified the challenges of enhancing communication for empowerment and development of Indigenous Peoples and opportunities for overcoming them.

A report on the key findings of the assessment was presented in a national consultation workshop organized with the support of UNDP and Strengthening the Capacity of the National Human Rights Commission project jointly with the Association of Indigenous Journalists (ANIJ), Foundation of National Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFDIN), the Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN). 

The meeting was organised with the purpose of consulting multiple stakeholders in Nepal on the key findings and recommendations of this assessment of the communication and media needs among indigenous people in Nepal. 

Experiences and findings were shared to foster understanding and discussion on the challenges and opportunities for strengthening access to information and communication for the indigenous people. Similar experiences from Lao PDR and Africa were also presented in the workshop.

The Asia regional C4E initiative consists of various follow up activities at regional and national levels. In 2007, with funding from the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), the OGC initiated C4E pilot projects targeting five Least Developed Countries (LDCs): three in Africa and two in Asia. The three African countries are Mozambique, Madagascar and Ghana. In Asia, Lao PDR and Nepal were the two pre-selected countries.