‘Communicating with Authority’

Apr 7, 2009

imageCommunicating with Authority

The Centre for Constitutional Dialogue (CCD) recently organised a training on `Communicating with Authority’ for the Constitutent Assembly (CA) members and Civil Society. The session included topics such as giving short speeches and statements. The training covered both theoretical and practical sessions where the participants delivered short speeches in given time and structure.

A total of 20 CA members and 16 people from Civil Society have been trained so far on `Communicating with Authority’. The training put a lot of emphasis on practical exercises where participants were taught to be aware of their body language and maintain eye contact while giving interviews.

CA member Meena Pandey who was one of the participants during the training said, “I could apply the skills learnt during the training when I had to appear for the live TV programme.” She further added, “The importance of the body language came to my mind while in the programme and I actually turned theory into practice.”