Support to the Constituent Assembly

Feb 19, 2009

Support to the Constituent Assembly

The Centre for Constitutional Dialogue (CCD) since its opening in January has already received approximately 750 visitors, most of them the members of Constituent Assembly (CA) and civil society.

The topics covered so far in the thematic discussion programme for the Constituent Assembly-Civil Society Forum include; Federalism and Systems of Governance: Options for Nepal to Consider, Using Constitutional and International Human Rights to Advance Women’s Social and Economic Rights, Review of Party Manifestoes relating to key constitutional issues etc.

Orientation programmes on CCD were organized for 340 CA members in Jan-Feb including the Chairs of most of the Committees and 70 CA staffs. A similar orientation programme has been started for the civil society groups, with participation of about 80 NGO representatives so far.

A Training of Trainers on Communicating with Authority was held from 9-11 Feb followed by pilot training sessions for 13 CA members. These training sessions further included topics such as giving short speeches and answering questions effectively. Small practical sessions were organised on active listening, arguing logically, answering difficult questions, giving a clear message and working with the journalists.

Inaugurated on 19 Jan 2009, the CCD was established with the assistance of the UNDP/Support to Participatory Constitution Building Project (SPCBN) and a consortium of donors (Denmark, Norway, DFID, Switzerland, USAID/OTI) in close collaboration with the CA Secretariat and civil society.

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