Center for Constitutional Dialogue Comes into Operation

Jan 19, 2009

Center for Constitutional Dialogue Comes into Operation

The Center for Constitutional Dialogue (CCD) was inaugurated today by the Rt. Hon’ble Subash Chandra Nembang, Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly. The Centre, established with the assistance of the UNDP/Support to Participatory Constitution Building Project (SPCBN) and a consortium of donors (Denmark, Norway, DFID, Switzerland, USAID/OTI) are committed to supporting the constitution building process in Nepal. The Centre is governed by a national advisory board and will work in close collaboration with the CA Secretariat to support the constitution building process.

Inaugurating the Centre, Mr. Nembang said, “the CCD will provide necessary advisory, communication, outreach and technical services for the Constituent Assembly Members, civil society and the general public who are interested to learn about and participate in the constitution making process.”

In his remarks, Mr. Robert Piper, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations, noted that “Today more than ever, Nepal needs a stronger culture of inclusive dialogue, where grievances and debate can be aired peacefully and constructively. A successful constitution-making process depends on it”. He described the new Centre as aimed especially at helping create a venue for such interaction. “Beyond providing a space for Nepalis from all walks of life to meet and debate their new constitution, the Centre aims to provide a bridge between Nepal and the rest of the world, over which Nepal can access the global experience in constitution-making so that Nepal can benefit from the successes and the mistakes of others as it chooses its own path”.

The CCD will serve as a resource centre and a neutral space for dialogue between members of the Constituent Assembly, and help promote the widest possible public participation in the drafting process. The CCD houses a library and training facilities. It also provides a venue for public lectures, seminars, orientations and workshops on matters relating to the constitution.

Note to the Editor: The UNDP/Support to Participatory Constitution Building project in Nepal project was launched on 1 May 2008, to respond to the two major challenges that Nepal faces in the post-CA election period: (1) to ensure the successful establishment and functioning of the Constituent Assembly; and (2) to ensure broad-based, balanced and meaningful public participation in the constitution building process. UNDP has been providing support in Nepal’s process right from the beginning.

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