Applying Human Rights Based Approach to Justice

Dec 31, 2008

A workshop on ‘Applying Human Rights-Based Approach to Justice’, was organised by UNDP Enhancing Access to Justice Project, Regional Center in Bangkok and Global Human Rights Strengthening Programme.

In Nepal, delayed justice and backlogged cases have mostly affected the poorest section of the society depriving them of their basic human rights to have access to justice. The lengthy and expensive process has discouraged many to go to the courts. Hence, the workshop was organised in order to inform, train and provide a platform for debate to find alternative solutions for qualitative justice. Suggestions were put forward and action plan was drafted for informal and speedy delivery of justice by the participants.

The conference was largely participated by the Supreme Court Judges, police, academics and representatives of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Constituent Assembly Affairs, Nepal Law Commission, Nepal Bar Association, the National Human Rights Commission, the National Women’s Commission, Judicial Council , Civil Society and Members of Paralegal Committees.