Capacity Assessment of the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction

Aug 31, 2008

Capacity Assessment of the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction

At the request of the Government of Nepal, UNDP, with support from its Regional Center in Bangkok, conducted a capacity assessment of the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR) with the objective of strengthening the Ministry to implement its mandate for a successful peace process.

The assessment included an in-depth review of MoPR’s mandate, its organisational structure along with the functions of its departments; linkages with other Ministries and Government agencies. The training needs of MoPR staff and its human resource policies including recruitment procedures, performance review mechanism, promotion and deployment, and incentive system were equally reviewed.

Two half-day sessions were organised for the staff members to discuss and evaluate the Ministry’s achievement towards peace building, conflict management, coordination of peace efforts and to suggest possible capacity development policies and strategies.

The mission held separate meetings with relevant line ministries, UN agencies, NGOs and donor representatives to gather a comprehensive picture of the Ministry’s performance, achievements, challenges and potential capacity gaps.

The preliminary findings and the capacity challenges identified in the draft report were presented by the mission in a joint meeting of MoPR and UNDP. Following a request from the MoPR to finalize the report and the capacity development strategy as soon as possible, the mission is expected to present its final report by mid-September 2008.

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