Deputy Speaker a new star in BBC World Service Trust radio drama

May 31, 2008

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chitralekha Yadav embarked on a new career as a radio actor this month when she played herself in the radio drama Katha Mitho Sarangiko. The drama is produced by the BBC World Service Trust as part of the UNDP Participation in Peace and
Constitution Building project.

Her role in the drama was to rescue the character of 17 year old girl named Manju who runs away from her home in Janakpur to avoid an arranged marriage and ends up in Kathmandu where she dreams of furthering her studies. But reality is tough, Manju struggles to make ends meet in Kathmandu. She encounters Chitralekha Yadav, who offers her a place in her own home and a chance to start a new life.

Chitralekha Yadav was invited to take part in the drama because she comes from a traditional Tarai background and herself went through an arranged marriage when she was in class 9. But as an educated woman, with a supportive husband, she rose in society academically and politically to
become an icon for young women not just in the Tarai but all over Nepal.

Talking of her involvement in the drama, Chitralekha Yadav said, “I’m willing to take on anything that makes a contribution to society and this drama is helping the peace process. I was lucky to have a husband who helped me to develop a career, but not everyone is so lucky. Just like Manju, many women are struggling to realize their ambitions. By appearing in the drama I hope I can be an inspiration to them.”

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