Verification of Maoist army personnel completed

Jan 2, 2008

Verification of Maoist army personnel completed

For the past year, UNDP has been assisting UNMIN to conduct the registration and verification of Maoist army personnel, providing experts from the UNDP Afghanistan reintegration programme and from Rwanda, who assisted with the design and management of process and trained a team of Nepalese registration and verification staff for data entry and processing.

Fifty-five staff were deployed to assist in the assessment of status, register verified personnel’s biographic details, and provide reports and analysis on the verification process.

As noted by SRSG Ian Martin in his press statement of 27th December, the verification process was a difficult one, requiring thousands of individual interviews, and it was a rigorous one. UNMIN arms monitors, a professional military physician, UNDP and UNICEF experts were part of the verification teams, and the interviews they conducted with Maoist personnel were extensive when they needed to be in order to make their decisions. The verification process was completed on December 23rd.

The full total verified as members of the Maoist army at the end of the process was 19,602, comprising 15,756 men and 3,846 women. 8,640 personnel who had been registered during the first phase of the process did not appear for verification interviews in the second phase and were automatically disqualified.

There are 4,008 persons who remain to be discharged from cantonments after the total of absentees has been taken into account. 2,973 of this total were assessed to be under the age of 18 on 25 May 2006.

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