UNDP support to UNMIN: second phase registration and verification in two places completed

Sep 4, 2007

The second phase registration and verification of Maoists combatants of divisions I and II, encamped in two main and six satellite cantonments in Ilam and Sindhuli has been completed.

The first phase registration of the combatants in these divisions had been undertaken earlier in February and March 2007.

The verification team has already left for the next site- Surkhet. A UN team of around seventy, comprising of personnel from UNMIN, UNDP and UNICEF verified the combatants from the two divisions. Following the completion of the verification, the UN team has put combatants in four main categories - MaoA Member, Post 25 May 2006 Recruit, Minor and Absent.

The logistical aspects of the verification and registration have been reviewed based on the two completed exercises and the future needs.

Also, preparation is ongoing for the release of minors from the two cantonments. Discussions have also begun on arrangements for discharge of the post-May 2006 recruits.

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