UNDP to facilitate electoral observation in Nepal

Aug 24, 2007

As a fundamental step in the peace process of Nepal, the Election Commission is preparing to conduct elections on the 22nd of November 2007 to elect a Constituent Assembly that will draft the new Constitution of Nepal. The Election Commission is expecting large numbers of domestic observers and about 500 international electoral observers to be deployed in the coming months throughout Nepal.

At the request of the Election Commission, UNDP is providing assistance to set up an `Electoral Observation Resource Centre` to facilitate electoral observation activities of both international and domestic observation groups. The Resource Centre will serve as a clearing house and central repository for sharing information resource materials related to election observation. It will be managed by the Election Commission and technically supported by UNDP with cooperation from other international organisations, including IFES - Democracy At Large and the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) of U.S. Agency for International Development.

The Centre will also cooperate with the different international organisations involved in electoral observation activities, such as The Carter Center, The National Democratic Institute and The Asia Foundation, and will bring together national electoral observation groups to share experiences and prevent duplication of their efforts. The Centre is also expected to facilitate election observation efforts by diplomatic missions present in Nepal.

The Electoral Observation Resource Centre project is funded by the UN Peace Trust Fund for a total amount of 195,000 US$.

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