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  • 31 May 2008
    Deputy Speaker a new star in BBC World Service Trust radio drama

    Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chitralekha Yadav embarked on a new career as a radio actor this month when she played herself in the radio drama Katha Mitho Sarangiko. The drama is produced by the BBC World Service Trust as part of the UNDP Participation in Peace and Constitution Building project.

  • 03 Apr 2008
    National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management ready for approval

    The first ever draft of the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management in Nepal (NSDRMN) is ready and awaits government’s final endorsement. A joint event with the Ministry of Home Affairs was organised to acknowledge the completion of the draft as a mile-stone towards achieving the goal of `Disaster Resilient Nepal’.

  • 28 Feb 2008
    Re-establishment of Election Observation Resource Centre

    With the new date for the Constituent Assembly(CA) election that has now been rescheduled for 10 April 2008, the Election Commission (EC) of the Government of Nepal has requested UNDP to re-open the ‘Electoral Observation Resource Centre’ as a matter of urgency.

  • 06 Feb 2008
    UNDP launches US$ 2 million Quick Impact Programme in Terai

    As part of direct support to peace building efforts, UNDP has launched a special project called Quick Impact and Peace Support Initiatives (QIPSI) in the 10 districts of Eastern, Central and Western Terai (Saptari, Sunsari Siraha, Dhanusha, Mahottarai, Sarlahi, Rautahat, Bara, Parsa, and Kapilbastu) which are affected by the on-going conflict. For this purpose, UNDP has also hired seven field monitors to work in the ten districts.

  • 31 Jan 2008
    Raising awareness about constituent assembly polls

    In the UNDP ‘Participation in Peace’ project, the BBC World Service Trust recorded the latest edition(12th) of the discussion programme Sajha Sawal (common questions) with Sujata Koirala, Minister Without Portfolio (daughter of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala). The programme was on air in BBC Nepali Sewa on 3 February. A live audience of more than 60 people drawn from local groups and members of UNDP supported community organisations took part in the interaction while a reporter phoned in questions from local people in Sunsari, her own constituency and home district.

  • 02 Jan 2008
    Verification of Maoist army personnel completed

    For the past year, UNDP has been assisting UNMIN to conduct the registration and verification of Maoist army personnel, providing experts from the UNDP Afghanistan reintegration programme and from Rwanda, who assisted with the design and management of process and trained a team of Nepalese registration and verification staff for data entry and processing.

  • 11 Dec 2007
    Prime Minister in 'Common Questions'

    As part of the UNDP ‘Participation in Peace’ project, the BBC World Service Trust brought together ordinary people from rural areas of Eastern Nepal to put questions to thePrime Minister, Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala on the state of the peace process and to express their own personal concerns about a range of governance-related issues. The Trust also organised an interview of ordinary people with the (Maoist) Chairman, Prachanda.

  • 08 Nov 2007
    Electricity lights up village, UNDP Associate Administrator Ad Melkert inaugurates micro hydro project

    The UN Under Secretary General and UNDP Associate Administrator Mr. Ad Melkert visited Nepal from 6-8 November. Mr. Melkert jointly with the Member of the National Planning Commission, Mr. Rama Kanta Gauro inaugurated the 42 kilo watt micro hydro project in Bhimgithe Village Development Committee of Baglung district - supported by UNDP Rural Energy Development Programme.

  • 11 Oct 2007
    Government officials receive training on MDGs Needs Assessment

    A 9-days training on the MDGs Needs Assessment was conducted by the National Planning Commission with technical support from the UNDP MDG Initiative, other UN regional offices and the UN Country Team in Nepal.

  • 04 Sep 2007
    UNDP’s support to current natural disaster

    Incessant rainfall since 10 July 2007 has triggered floods and landslides in Nepal. In July, UNDP provided financial support to make the UNMIN helicopters available for rescuing and transporting relief materials.

  • 04 Sep 2007
    UNDP support to UNMIN: second phase registration and verification in two places completed

    The second phase registration and verification of Maoists combatants of divisions I and II, encamped in two main and six satellite cantonments in Ilam and Sindhuli has been completed.

  • 24 Aug 2007
    UNDP to facilitate electoral observation in Nepal

    As a fundamental step in the peace process of Nepal, the Election Commission is preparing to conduct elections on the 22nd of November 2007 to elect a Constituent Assembly that will draft the new Constitution of Nepal. The Election Commission is expecting large numbers of domestic observers and about 500 international electoral observers to be deployed in the coming months throughout Nepal.