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On the frontline of crisis response: UN Volunteers with UNDP

United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) have long comprised a crucial pillar of support in the work of various UN agencies in Nepal, including UNDP; and…

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Local governments keen to help expand reach of TVET

Mayor of Birendranagar Municipality has assured the commitment of local governments across the country to create an enabling environment for TVET to flourish in their respective regions  

Resilient: Nepal

Read about UNDP's efforts to help Nepal adapt to climate change and strengthen disaster resilience, including initiatives to reduce the risk of large flood outbursts from glacial lakes and to expand…  

“National discussion needed to formulate effective TVET policy”

Nationwide policy deliberations as well as political commitment is vital to ensure effective technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programmes that can help bring about economic…  

“Government must ensure that TVET products are involved in gainful employment, entrepreneurship”

Stakeholders at a workshop organized to discuss technical and vocational education and training in the country call for an integrated TVET policy to allow qualitative and quantitative growth in the…  

‘UNDP made expertise available to undertake administrative reforms’: Rekha Sharma

UNDP speaks to Minister for General Administration Rekha Sharma about her role in the administrative reforms related to the restructuring of the Nepali state and the nature of UNDP’s support on the…  

Lessons from history: Civil service reform

A committee formed under the initiation of UNDP’s PREPARE has conducted a thorough study of reports from various attempts to reform the country’s administration and provided a report and…  

Quality and equity-based TVET needed to combat unemployment in Nepal: Experts

In a panel interview recently broadcasted on Sagarmatha Television's Rupantaran program Technical and Vocational Education and Training experts have called for an integrated nationwide policy to…  

On the frontline of crisis response: UN Volunteers with UNDP

UNVs have long comprised a crucial pillar of support in UNDP's work, and their contribution has been especially stark in the response and recovery operations undertaken following the devastating…  

Whose authority is it anyway?: Security and disaster management in federal Nepal

A UNDP-supported panel has offered expert recommendations on how to reorganize two crucial functions—law and order, and disaster management—across the three tiers of government  

From bricks to apps, local creativity mitigates the cost of crisis

What are the local innovations that UNDP has adopted in order to help Nepal back on its feet and on the road to recovery after the earthquake?  

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