Local community health experts developed in own villages

Local community health experts developed in own villages
Local community health experts developed in own villages

November 2005; Recently village experts have been developed in villages of Nepal with the help of local authority and the support of UNDP. The villagers that were deprived of any kind of service centres i.e. in health, livestock, agriculture have begun to see few service centres opening up in villages where the Village Development Programmes have been launched by the UNDP Governance Programme.

Saraswati Parajuli of Mankha Village Development Committee (VDC), Sindhupalchok district is a manager of Sunkosi Female Community Organisation (CO). Prior to joining the CO she was an ordinary girl with high school education and nothing more.

Among the Human Resource Development Trainings, the Community Health Expert Training has also been emphasized upon by the communities. Saraswati was chosen by her CO as a potential candidate for the training. The Human Resource Development Centre of Sindhupalchok district sent her to Jiri where she received a 45 days long training in Jiri Technical School.

After receiving the training, Saraswati has opened up a small medical centre in Mankha highway (where there are very few shops and this being the only medical shop) with the help of credit capital of Rs. 15,000 from the Local Trust Fund and some money of her own.

She has kept some medicines and first aid boxes in her shop. What she has contributed to the health sector is that even though there is no doctor one does not have to panic in the village. She gives the first aid solutions before one can reach a professional doctor. People come to her for suggestions in case of minor illness. She also goes to the village whenever she is free and teaches about health and sanitation to the villagers. Villagers feel that she has been able to make a great contribution to the village.

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