Poverty Reduction

Nepal is unlikely to reach the Millennium Development Goals target by 2015 of “Achieving full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people.” The lack of in-country employment opportunities leads many Nepalis to seek employment outside their homeland. The underdevelopment of Nepal’s trade and industry, the low volume of exports, low agricultural productivity, lack of access to affordable credit and the weak law and order situation all contribute to the lack of good employment opportunities and the relative weakness of Nepal’s economy.

Our Goals

UNDP in Nepal promotes inclusive growth and sustainable livelihoods through the ongoing Micro-enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP), Livelihood Recovery for Peace (LRP) and Enhancing Access to Financial Services projects (EAFS). These projects have helped to bring about improved policies and institutional frameworks for inclusive growth whilst directly benefitting tens of thousands of community people through skill training, short term employment, improved local infrastructure and improved access to financial services.more

A group meeting facilitated by LRP

Much of UNDP's efforts in poverty reduction is targeted towards the most disadvantaged communities.

Our Stories

  • Tulsi with the produce of her business. Photo: UNDP Nepal

    Tulsi’s mushroom business

    Tulasi Budha Magar, 42, is a rising entrepreneur in mushroom business. She received the technical skills in a 12-day mushroom farming training organised by the UNDPmore

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Projects and Initiatives

Micro Enterprise Development Programme (Phase IV)

The Micro enterprise Development Programme is creating employment and income opportunities for the rural poor by providing skill and business training and other support, mainly for women and poor and disadvantaged people to set up micro-enterprises; helping establish business support services and representative organisations for micro-entrepreneurs; and working with the government to improve the policy environment. more

The Developing Capacities for Effective Aid Management and Coordination project helps localise the Paris Principles to make official development assistance produce more results. It will assist the Government to implement the recommendations of the 2007 and 2010 surveys and help establish the mechanisms for involving all main stakeholders in more effectively managing aid. more

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