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UNDP believes that concerted efforts to build partnerships are fundamental for building broad-based consensus, resource mobilisation, and effective implementation of programmes for sustainable peace and development in Nepal.

In 2014, UNDP implemented projects with a total value of about $34 million across Nepal. Out of this $34 million, 26% percent came from UNDP Core funds, 66% from bilateral and multilateral development partners, and 8% from Trust funds including the Global Environment Facility and UNDP-South Korea MDG Trust Fund. The highest expenditure was in the area of Governance and Rule of Law (39%) followed by Poverty and Inclusion (26%), Democratic Transition (18%) and Environment, Energy, Climate and Disaster Management (17%). Several new project funding partnerships were started in 2014 with Denmark, Finland, Norway, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, USAID, and the UN Peace Fund.

Funds Received in 2014

UNDP received a total of USD 27,643,645 in 2014. The top five bilateral donors are: UK, Australia, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Donors in USD
UNDP Core 8,691,000
United Kingdom 4,818,091
Australia 2,547,852
Norway 2,189,986
Finland 2,082,756
Global Environment Facility 1,866,844
Denmark 1,689,287
UNDP HQ Thematic Trust Fund 1,182,799
Nepal 1,075,387
Switzerland 491,803
UN Peace Fund 447,656
Republic of Korea 99,269
Other Trust Funds 216,724
World Bank 164,641
United States of America 64,650
Central Queensland University 14,900
Total 27,643,645

Support to the UN System

UNDP continues to play a crucial role in the provision of operational support to the UN System in Nepal and the realization of harmonization of operational policies and practices among the various UN agencies.

This operational support is provided by the Inter-Agency Task Forces (Comprising of members from various UN Agencies) on Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement and Finance. 

Partnership with the United Nations Volunteers

The United Nations Volunteer (UNV) has been operating in Nepal since 1974. Both national and internationally recruited UNVs have a long history of providing operational and programmatic support to UN agencies. In 2014, UNV Nepal recruited over 25 Nepali men and women to serve as International UN Volunteers in Congo, Eritrea, Laos, Liberia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Currently, over 75 Nepali are serving as International UN Volunteers in over 16 countries in the world.

In 2014, 58 UN Volunteers held positions in Nepal with IOM, NRRC, UN Women, UNDP, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNRC, UNRCPD and WFP in six regions of Nepal and Kathmandu. These volunteers supported their respective UN agencies in working with the Government of Nepal to eradicate poverty, empower women, uphold human rights, promote safe migration and protect children, among others.

LGCDP in Focus
UNV Nepal continues to support peace and development in the country through volunteerism and capacity development. UNV Nepal has been contributing to the
Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP) of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) since Phase I.

Phase I involved working closely with the National Development Volunteer Service (NDVS) to promote volunteerism for development. UNV funded and coordinated the deployment of 100 national NDVS volunteers, who supported LGCDP community empowerment activities. UNV also provided NDVS staff with capacity development training during the process of formulating a national volunteering policy, and assisted in the establishment of a Volunteer Resource and Information Centre and an Integrated Volunteer Management Information System at NDVS.

Phase II of LGCDP provides the systems, procedures, structures, tools and capacities for facilitating the transformation of local bodies into local government entities. Building on the experience from the UNV component of Phase I, in Phase II UNV Nepal is supporting MoFALD in its new pilot initiative: "University Youth IT Volunteers". This initiative aims to digitise the operational procedures of the Government of Nepal in addition to strengthening and maintaining the IT infrastructure of local government bodies. Under this programme, 136 Volunteers are placed as ‘ICT Volunteers' for an initial period of two years in each of the 75 District Development Committees (DDCs) as well as 58 municipalities and three in the MoFALD. Additionally, UNV Nepal has placed eight National UNVs as ‘ICT Experts' in six Regional Cluster Units (RCU) and two in the Program Coordination Unit (PCU) of the Ministry to oversee and coordinate ICT Volunteers and their activities.

National Youth UN Volunteers for the first time in Nepal
Five national UN Youth Volunteers have been recruited for the first time in Nepal to work with UNDP's Electoral Support Project (ESP). The modality of national Youth Volunteers came into effect with an aim to provide opportunity to less experienced Nepali youths in the UN working environment. Youth Volunteers are offered diverse opportunities for learning and development, with an aim to strengthen the volunteer's skills and competences, improve the quality of the assignment and keep the volunteer's motivation high.

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