Our Stories


Little smiles that tell the story !

The Livelihood Recovery for Peace (LRP)project has extended a direct grant support of Rs. 40 million through the Rural Women Upliftment Association (RWUA) in Sarlahi and with Ratauli Yuva Club (RYC) in Mahottari to create employment opportunities mostly for the vulnerable and marginalized communitiemore


Local community health experts developed in own villages

November 2005; Recently village experts have been developed in villages of Nepal with the help of local authority and the support of UNDP. The villagers that were deprived of any kind of service centres i.e. in health, livestock, agriculture have begun to see few service centres opening up in villagmore


Make everyone literate by 2010

May 2009; It is five in the morning. Man Kumari Subedi has been up for some time now. She cannot sleep. She has to finish her homework but she is stuck on one sentence and is waiting for her grandson to wake up so that she can ask him for help. At the age of 75, Man Kumari has started going to schoomore


Meeting the challenges of poverty with determination: The story of Ms. Parbati Devi

November 2005; Parbati was left destitute when her husband passed away. The onset of difficulties was so grave that even organizing a ftting funeral to her husband was challenging for her. She had three children to feed and attend to. The sudden turn of events was so devastating that she seemd to hamore


Micro hydro illuminates Lukla- gateway to the Everest region

May 2010; The 100 kw Bom Khola micro hydro plant'a joint venture of the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre of the Government of Nepal, UNDP Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP), the World Bank and the local community has brought a huge change in Lukla with the generation of power. The project more


Mineral Water Plant for PLHIV

People Living with HIV (PLHIV) suffer serious health problems as HIV progresses to AIDS alongside widespread stigma and the resulting discrimination. This often seriously undermines the socioeconomic condition of PLHIV and their families as they struggle to cope with the disease and stigma. Today thmore

Mission for my life

February 2009; Satpal B.K 37, HIV positive has started working with Helping Hands Nepal. People in the village recognize him as a person who works for HIV awareness rather than as an HIV positive person. Satpal says," I have found a mission for my life'. Going back to his old times, Satpal saymore


Mobile Legal Clinics bring justice at the door step

December 2010; Lack of efficient justice system makes it difficult for the people especially in the rural areas of Nepal to avail justice on time and in the prolonged process makes it very expensive also. A large number of rural population are ignorant about easy access to justice or accessing freemore


Model Energy VDC: A Dream Comes True

November  2005; The Bhoksing VDC has been declared as the Model Energy VDC by the Eight District Council of the Parbat District Development Committee. One of the 55 VDCs of the Parbat district, the Bhoking has become the first VDC that has electricity access to its all 234 households. This has more


Model sub health post for safer and healthier life

December 2010; The Badalamjee village located at a distance of 16 kms from the district headquarters of Dailekh was suffering due to lack of proper health services. The patients, mainly the pregnant mothers suffered during child birth due to the dilapidated condition of the old sub health post lackimore