Basic services accessible with more ART service centres

Basic services accessible with more ART service centres
Basic services accessible with more ART service centres

October 2010; UNDP 'Nepal under the Global Fund Round 7 grant provided support to the National Center for AIDS and STD Control in establishing 2 Anti Retroviral and 10 Anti Retroviral Treatment sub centers in 2010.

With the increase in the number of ART service centers; there also has been increase in the number of people with advanced HIV infection currently receiving ARV treatment. The number of people receiving ARV has increased to 4509 in 2010 from 2050 in 2008.

This increment is attributed to the increase in ART service centers. With the establishment of 10 new ART sub centers, the patient load is distributed equally thus reducing the burden in the busy ART center. This provision has also helped to reduce the risk of service gap at the time of general public strikes with closure of roads which was a major challenge in the past.

Ms. Sunar, 32, was confirmed HIV positive 5 years back. By profession she is a farmer. Since farming alone could not fetch the entire family, the basic needs for the whole year, she and her husband decided to migrate to India for job.

When her husband started suffering from pro-longed sickness, they returned back to Nepal for treatment. Both of them were tested HIV positive. Out of the five children they had, the youngest one, 10 years old also tested positive. The child due to severe malnutrition problem appeared as if he was only three years old.

Ms. Sunar's husband returned to India for work, he is on ARV while his youngest child is receiving cotromoxyline. Ms. Sunar has been visiting the Bheri Zonal Hospital on a regular basis to measure her immunity (CD4 count).

'With the establishment of sub ART centers in places like Bardiya, we will be able to save our time and money. We don't have to travel much because we can get ARV treatment nearby our home' says Ms. Sunar.

The Bheri zonal hospital has been providing ARV treatment to People Living with HIV travelling all the way from Rapti and beyond Rapti across the Indian border. At the moment the Bheri Zonal Hospital is providing ART services to 106 PLHIV.