Rural Energy Programme awarded for outstanding contribution

Rural Energy Programme awarded for outstanding contribution
Rural Energy Programme awarded for outstanding contribution

January 2010; The Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP) was showcased as one of the five successful Southern-grown Development Solution to address the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in the second Global South South Development Expo (GSSD Expo) held in the World Bank complex at Washington DC from 14-17 December 2009. Mr. Kiran Man Singh, the National Programme Manager received the award for REDP's outstanding contribution to the South South Cooperation.

The GSSD Expo was designed as a concrete response to help the global South realize its shared aspirations for achieving sustainable and equitable development through sharing and transfer of technology with the support of donor community, the multilateral system and public-private partnership arrangements.

In the Expo, the Solution Forum on Climate Change and Environment, was organised by the UNDP Environment and Energy Group and UNDP Special Unit on South South Cooperation. In the Forum, Mr. Singh made a presentation' 'From Implementation to Policy Adoption: Enhancing Rural Livelihoods through Energy Services.' The presentation highlighted REDP's impact on achieving the MDGs, Nepal's Rural Energy Policy 2006 and UNDP's support to the Government of Nepal (GoN) for Nepal's first Micro Hydro Community Development Project. The discussion after the presentation revolved around the management of the micro-hydro by the community as one of the best practices for sustainability of the project.

The other four award winning countries were Rwanda (mini hydro-UNIDO), Ecuador (Yasuni ITT initiative), Pakistan (Energy Efficient Free Housing for Disaster Affected areas UNDP GEF/SGP) and China (South South Global Assets and Technology Exchange).

Started in 1996, currently REDP is implemented in 40 districts by the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) of the Ministry of Environment.
The project is funded by UNDP (US$ 1.9 m) with Government co-funding of US$ 3.8 million in 2007 through the World Bank.

Recently, the World Bank has provided additional funding of US$ 12.2 million for the generation of additional 4.25 megawatt from community managed micro-hydro plants benefitting 36,000 additional rural households for the period 2010-2012.

REDP's best practices, experiences and lessons learnt are mainstreamed through UNDP's support to the GON for the formulation and approval of Nepal's first Rural Energy Policy 2006.

The AEPC has been implementing the Rural Energy Policy in all 75 districts for the country.

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