Rural energy made the village like heaven

Rural energy made the village like heaven
Rural energy made the village like heaven

November 2005; Bhoksing Village Development Committee is one of the most remote and backward villages of Parvat district but with the generation of electricity, the village has been one of the exemplary villages of Nepal.

All the 227 households of the village are illuminated by electricity. The village, which was once very backward, has now turned to be one of the most beautiful and attractive places due to the electricity, which has opened up many opportunities.

With the support of Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP), a total of 21 kW of electricity has been generated from Chharchhare Khola (9 kW), Chhahare Khola (6 kW) and 6 kW from two peltric sets which benefits 221 households of the village. There are 17 solar home system and 2 toilet attached biogas plant with REDP's support. Almost all the households have improved cook stoves in the village. A total of 1468 population is directly benefited from these rural energy systems. The use of ICS and biogas has saved 24.39 tons of fuel wood per year. The electricity generated from the micro hydro scheme, solar home system and peltric sets has reduced 15.58 tons of carbon every year. The District Council of Parvat has declared Bhoksing as "Urja Gaun" (Energy Village) in 2000 for its achievements.

The community members who have also placed dustbins in every nook and corner of the village to keep the village clean have constructed about 180 toilets and the people have planted a total of 30,063 saplings of various species. The people have made Rs. 224,456 from weekly savings and made investment of Rs. 560,030 in various income generation activities including bee keeping, vegetable and poultry farming.

Four people have started poultry farming and so far they have made a total of Rs. 38,000 income. Mr. Chandra Prasad Lamichhane has been utilising the head race water for his water mill which he runs during the daytime. He has been making an average income of Rs. 8000 per month from the poultry farming and water mill. People have started battery charging and video show, which makes a profit of Rs. 4000 per month. Potato chips making has also been recently started.

" The village has become like heaven as there is electricity and almost all the people have started some income generation programmes from the loan assistance of the community organisation, " says Mr. Lamichhane. "Electricity has opened our eyes and our village has become an exemplary village", he adds. These are some of the examples of the impact of the REDP, which has brought drastic change in the livelihoods of the rural people.

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