Electricity: Source of Happiness to the Rural People

Electricity: Source of Happiness to the Rural People
Electricity: Source of Happiness to the Rural People

With the implementation of the Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP), a joint initiative of His Majesty's Government of Nepal and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), many positive changes have been noticed in the rural villages of Nepal. The generation of electricity with the support of the programme has not only reduced the drudgery of the people but also has helped to enhance the livelihoods of the rural people.

Mr. Keshar Singh Saud of Duni Village Development Committee in remote Achham district in Far Western Nepal has also established an agro-processing mill (rice huller, grinder and oil expeller) with a total cost of Rs. 140,000. He has taken a loan assistance of Rs. 90,000 from the Micro Hydro Functional Group. Local people of Budakot, Duni, Marku and Patalkot of Achham and Kadamandu of Doti directly benefit from the agro-processing mill. Before that people had to walk for one day to reach the nearest oil expeller mill.

Mr. Saud says, " I am very glad to serve the villagers and it is a golden opportunity to utilise the produced electricity." Mrs. Padma Devi Khadka of Duni VDC cheerfully says, " we are lucky to see our village prosperous. We had never thought that our village would be like this in the past. The energy has changed our life." She says, "we have enough time and we have saved around three hour daily due to the facility of agro-processing mill. Women have also been able to engage in other income generation activities."

"The programme has been very successful as it has created so many opportunities to the poor villagers Mr. Saud says adding " I have been able to serve the people and earn on an average about Rs. 400 per day from the mill, it is very good to generate income and reduce the drudgery as we had to do all these manually before the establishment of the mill." " We had never thought that there would be electricity in our village but now we have electricity which has been a source of happiness to us," they say.

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