Energy, Environment, Climate and Disaster Risk Management

Environmental degradation, the loss of biodiversity, climate change and natural disasters seriously threaten the livelihoods of Nepal’s rural poor and the country’s achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Our Goals

UNDP’s support is helping mitigate and reduce the impact of these threats and provide the rural poor with clean renewable energy and environment friendly livelihoods. A key part of UNDP’s support across these areas is promoting pro-poor environmental management, risk reduction, and climate change adaptation at the national and local levels.more

Making good use of the generated energy

Local women of Kavre reading under the light bulbs that use energy generated from the rural energy project

Our Stories

  • Dental clinic in Kharbang. Photo: UNDP Nepal

    Energy changes the face of Dagatundanda

    The small village of Kharbang in Dagatundada, Baglung (western Nepal) has a government-run Shree Tribhuvan secondary school. Though a lot of people prefer sending their childrenmore

Projects and Initiatives

Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihood

The RERL project started in April 2011 to as an extension of the successful partnership between the government and UNDP in the renewable energy sector to consolidate the best practices from REDP and continue scaling up access to energy. more

Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme

The Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme is strengthening the capacity for disaster risk management in line with the recommendations of the national strategy. It is building the capacity of government ministries and local bodies for disaster risk management. Gender, social inclusion and knowledge managment are addressed across all project activities. more

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