Tackling with urban sanitation

Tackling with urban sanitation
Tackling with urban sanitation

July 2009; With the fast growing population in Kathmandu and its surrounding districts, urban sanitation has become a huge problem.

In order to improve the urban environment, one of the main priorities of the UNDP Public Private Partnership for Urban Environment (PPPUE) has been to promote mobile toilets. Till date five mobile toilet units are already under operation in Kathmandu, Dhulikhel and Bharatpur municipalities with the support of PPPUE. Mobile toilets are increasingly becoming popular in the cities because they are cheap to install, require little space and relatively simple planning to put them up.

PPPUE provided a seed grant equivalent to NRs. 103,000 for 2 mobile toilet units to be installed in Dhulikhel. The rest of the cost (Rs. 13, 390) was taken care of by the municipality and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

In Dhulikhel, ward number 2, the mobile toilet is being used by the bus passengers as well as by the general public who passes by the bus park area. The unit is being operated under the PPP arrangement (the municipality provides the space and monitors the operation of the private operator) between Dhulikhel municipality and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

The second mobile toilet unit in Dhulikhel was installed in ward 4 of the Khadgi tole and is being used by the residents who otherwise did not have toilets in their houses. This mobile toilet is operated by the Khadgi community with PPP arrangement with the municipality. The community is running the operation smoothly by collecting the service charge and using it for maintenance of the toilet.

For Bharatpur municipality, PPPUE provided support worth NRs. 116,390 as seed grant for 2 mobile toilet units and the municipality contributed NRs. 120,390.74. The two mobile toilet units are installed in places where public events take place such as exhibitions, health camps, public meetings and weekly markets. The municipality has authorized the private operator to run the mobile toilets by making PPP arrangement and promoting its use when there are public gatherings and meetings.

For the Kathmandu municipality, PPPUE provided technical support to the private operator to set up a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with the municipality, especially in drafting the PPP contract and other advisory services. The mobile toilet is already in operation in the Basantpur Durbar Square, where a large number of tourists flock in everyday. Seeing the usefulness of these mobile toilets, the municipality has commissioned a private operator to install nine more mobile toilet units in Kathmandu valley.

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