EORC rapidly advances preparation for the CA election

EORC rapidly advances preparation for the CA election
EORC rapidly advances preparation for the CA election

March 2008; The Electoral Observation Resource Centre(EORC), established in early February 2008 to assist the Election Commission, is coordinating the observation work for domestic and international electoral observation groups. The EORC is serving as a clearing house and centralized repository of essential election-related information and resource materials. It has, so far,  accredited more than 600 international electoral observers and 43,000 domestic observers .

With the new date for the Constituent Assembly (CA) election scheduled for 10 April 2008, the Election Commission (EC) requested UNDP to re-open the

`Electoral Observation Resource Centre.' This initiative is funded by the UN Peace Trust Fund for a total amount of US$ 195,000.

Some of the important tasks of EORC;

-carrying out the accreditation of domestic and international observers; liaising with the domestic observers groups, international organisations and

diplomatic missions and establishing a meeting and information-exchange point in order to facilitate a more coordinated approach in the deployment of their observers;

-facilitating the issuance of visas for international observers; promoting a coordinated approach in the deployment of observers by establishing a national database of both domestic and international observers who have been accredited, identifying how many  domestic and international organisations are conducting observation activities, where and with how many observers;

-preparing and disseminating election observation-related information and materials: development of informative briefing packs assembling electoral laws, procedures and samples of election materials;

-organising ongoing informative briefings for observation groups on electoral process, the political environment and the security situation before

deployment, in cooperation with other international organisations active in electoral observation assistance activities in Nepal, such as the European
Union, the Carter Centre, National Democratic Institute, Asia Foundation, Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) and regional organizations such as the South Asia Foundation, South Asia Forum for Fair Elections, South Asia Partnership International and others.

In addition, the EORC has been particularly assisting the diplomatic missions present in Nepal that are planning to field electoral observation teams.

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