Doko library' new public information initiative

Doko library' new public information initiative
Doko library' new public information initiative

September 2009; The Jana Utthan Public Library of Palpa district has adopted a new and interesting way of making the information materials accessible to the general public. The books are now being carried in doko by the potters to certain areas where people can assemble and read.

The library has over 800 books on interim constitution, federalism, state restructuring and other constitutional issues, some of which were provided by the Center for Constitutional Dialogue (CCD).

The library is also receiving financial support from UNDP Support to Participatory Constitution Building in Nepal (SPCBN) to disseminate information through its doko library and the Community FM radio' 'Naulo Bihani.' This initiative has helped to raise awareness on the issues of marginalization .

Raju Rasaili, the librarian along with his two colleagues spent two days in a village of Palpa district where people were gathered to receive the information materials. They also explained the illiterate people about the new constitution building process.

Rasaili, has plans to travel to all 65 VDCs of Palpa district within the next six months. 'When I initiated this service, I never thought that it would be so popular. It is very interesting to see people gather around the doko library and instantly getting engaged in discussion about national politics and the constitution building process,' says Rasaili.

The CCD has plans to expand this approach to other regions and is planning to provide support to the constitution building process through partnership with local organisations in the districts and communities.

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