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Public Private Partnership for greener environment

September 2009; The garbage collectors are active from 6 o'clock in the morning in Hatkhola Chowk, the residential area of Biratnagar municipality. The collectors work for the Forum for Social Improvement and Environmental Development (FoSIED)' a private sector company working with the municipality more


Tackling with urban sanitation

July 2009; With the fast growing population in Kathmandu and its surrounding districts, urban sanitation has become a huge problem. In order to improve the urban environment, one of the main priorities of the UNDP Public Private Partnership for Urban Environment (PPPUE) has been to promote mobile tmore


UNDP supports training of 64 new women VDC Secretaries among others

Nirmaya Ban, the Village Development Committee (VDC) Secretary of Piple, Tehrathum says, “People still think that women do not have the skills required to work as a VDC Secretary. I faced a lot of challenges in my work as my senior officials and even some of my junior colleagues did not believe thatmore