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Empowering the socially excluded

February 2010; The 'Agricultural and Professional Tools Producing Factory' lead by Raju Biswakarma, 28, in Tukuche, Kavrepalanchowk is earning anywhere between Rs 120,000 - Rs 200,000 a month. The factory produces agricultural and other metal items used for windows and doors which are sold in Patanmore


Empowering women to strengthen local governance...

The Citizens’ Awareness Centers and Ward Citizens’ Forums have become an important foundation of decentralized local governance in Nepal. The communities inclusive of men and women from different economic and social status can express their opinions and take part in the local level decision making pmore


GIS proves boon for planners

November 2005; Slowly but steadily, the Geographical Information System (GIS) is making its mark on the country as an indispensable tool for planning and decision-making. GIS application has practically revolutionised the planning process in Nepal, and more and more people and institutions are beinmore