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Doko library' new public information initiative

September 2009; The Jana Utthan Public Library of Palpa district has adopted a new and interesting way of making the information materials accessible to the general public. The books are now being carried in doko by the potters to certain areas where people can assemble and read. The library has ovmore


EORC rapidly advances preparation for the CA election

March 2008; The Electoral Observation Resource Centre(EORC), established in early February 2008 to assist the Election Commission, is coordinating the observation work for domestic and international electoral observation groups. The EORC is serving as a clearing house and centralized repository of emore


Election Observation Resource Centre re-established

February 2008; With the new date for the Constituent Assembly(CA) election rescheduled for 10 April 2008, the Election Commission (EC) has requested UNDP to re-open the 'Electoral Observation Resource Centre,' as a matter of urgency. To this effect, UNDP, after completing the preliminary inspectionmore