Democratic Governance

UNDP in Nepal is committed to promote people-centered development and decentralized local governance for improved public service delivery. Since mid-2002, local governance have been carried out in a limited way as there are no elected local bodies. The local administration both at the district and village levels are functioning but the continued absence of elected local bodies has restricted the participation of the stakeholders and hampered the normal pace of local development. In the aftermath of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in November 2006, many Village Development Committee secretaries displaced by the conflict returned to their respective areas, but the conflict situation in the Terai forced them to again move back to the district headquarters and even to other districts.

Our Goals

UNDP in Nepal and its partners are moving towards strengthening the institutions and systems for running democratic elections, for facilitating the provision of justice, for safeguarding human rights, for central level planning and for managing the country’s large aid receipts.more

Traning of VDC secretaries supported by LGCDP

UNDP's efforts are helping to strengthen the local government bodies for better governance.

Our Stories

Projects and Initiatives

Local Governance and Community Development Programme

Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP) is a national programme with an over-arching goal to contribute towards poverty reduction through inclusive, responsive and accountable local governance and participatory community-led development. LGCDP is executed by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development with technical and financial assistance of development partners. This is a national programme framework for improvement in local governance system and community development. more

Armed Violence Reduction and Strengthening Community Security

Following the successful completion of the second Constituent Assembly Elections in November 2013, building on the accomplished peace milestones, like the integration of the former combatants and clearing known minefields, as Nepal moves ahead to consolidate peace and development gains, the task of violence prevention and strengthening community security in a selection of districts, identified as “hotspots” demands due attention. more

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