Support to the peace process

Support to the peace process
Support to the peace process

July 2008; UNDP dispatched a team of ten case workers in June and July of 2008 to examine and assess all PLA weapons and ammunition stored in containers as well as those used for perimeter security of the camps. During this exercise, the old paper barcodes were also replaced with new polyester barcodes which are resistant to water, oil and chemicals.

To aid this process of 'weapons auditing', UNMIN Arms monitors assisted UNDP caseworkers to collect data regarding the functionality and serviceability of the weapons. The information from the assessments was recorded in order to facilitate the process of monitoring the weapons. As custodian of sensitive data, UNDP is recoding this information into the database for later use.

The team of case workers comprised three females and seven males, and was led by a senior team leader. The team visited the seven main cantonment sites and 21 satellite camps located in different parts of the country.

Notwithstanding the heavy rains that caused landslides and floods which made roads impassable in some districts, and the mist/fog in mountainous areas that limited helicopter flights to a few hours each day, the team members managed to visit all the main cantonment sites and their satellite camps.

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